Powertone + Pilates

The Powertone + Pilates range of toning tables are power assisted and help lengthen, strengthen and tone the body without any stress or strain on the body or its muscles by incorporating three unique systems in one, using the magic of continuous passive motion (CPM), isokinetics, plus the special Pilates techniques to help work your body smart, not hard!

The Pilates method concentrates on strengthening the deep postural muscles and re-addressing muscle imbalance.  By doing so, it increases flexibility and strength whilst improving posture and body awareness.

The Powertone + Pilates machines will put you in the perfect position to exercise without causing stress to the body while completing the movement for you, so you can engage your core and concentrate on breathing techniques making the exercise more effective.

Regain your core and more!!


Who will benefit from Powertone + Pilates exercise?

  •  Young Mothers will be able to regain their core and tone up to look and feel beautiful while regaining their calm amidst a hectic schedule.
  • Executives will be able to take a time out to revitalise their mind while the machines unwind tension and daily stress from the body improving Posture.
  • Health conscious people who want to maintain their fitness and improve core and posture.
  • Injured sports people can maintain a fitness program while recovering and will enjoy the stretch and balance and core strength that they will attain.
  • Seniors will be able to enjoy exercises safely with supervision and comfortably positioned to safely increase mobility and reduce pain!
  • Unfit and overweight?  This program will get you going and increase your energy and as you tone up help you burn more calories.
  • Happy and healthy?  You want to enjoy smart exercise that balances and elongates the muscles and helps improve core, balance and breathing.
  • Already active?  This will improve your fitness level and be a fun sociable place to enjoy maintaining your stretch and core training.

At Core Strength Health & Wellness we look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals.


Tummy Crunch

The Tummy Crunch machine firms and flattens the entire abdominal group of muscles while strengthening the lower back. You’re able to control your breathing and engage your core safely while the machine moves you slowly and in good form. 5 minutes gives you 75 perfect sit ups!! The Rectus Abdominus contracts during the sit up motion while the knee to chest action adds extra work load to the lower abs. A Torso extension follows the sit up which strengthens the back extensors to reduce lower back pain. Rectus abdominus is a flexor of the spine and by acting on the ribcage this muscle contracts the front of the body and helps to maintain erect posture. The Powertone Plus Pilates machines are safe and effective after surgery. The exercise can be adjusted to mobilise the hips, knees and buttocks; to reduce tension associated with the (S.I.) sacroiliac joint and (I.T.) iliotibial band.

Waist Away

The Waist Away is a superb exercise for the oblique muscles. Creating firm, flat abdominals and a narrow waistline while simultaneously adding strength and flexibility to the lower back. The internal and external obliques are diagonal muscles which lie underneath the Rectus Abdominus. These muscles are responsible for twisting actions. The erector spinae muscles are also involved and strengthen the lower back. This unique exercise combination will provide fast results creating a slim waist with firm flat abdominals.


The Hipster gently tones and firm’s hips, buttocks, lower back and legs. On this machine, we will train you to breathe and engage your core as you arrive. This machine can be used both prone or supine. Both positions engage the main local stabilizers; the pelvic floor muscles, transverses abdomens and multifidus. Activating these muscles are important to hold a strong core. Strengthening these muscles will protect the back from injury. This machine will also condition the Iliopsoas muscle which is the primary hip flexor, this muscle connects the pelvis and spine to the legs and influences pelvic alignment. Balancing this muscle reduces tension and pain in the lower back.

Flys and Thighs

On this machine, you will shape up your legs and regain tone to the arms, shoulders and back while improving hip mobility. Co-ordinates upper and lower body; alternately training inner thighs with chest and arms or outer thighs and hips with back and shoulders. The Fly’s and Thighs helps improve mobility within the hips and increases muscle strength in the pectoral and posterior deltoid. Desk workers have shortened pectoral fibres causing the shoulders to pull forward. This machine both strengthens and releases the pectorals ensuring balance is maintained in the chest region. The lower body engages the abductors and adductors; important in stabilizing the hip and knee in standing, running or walking. These muscles often become imbalanced but the Powertone Pilates System will strengthen these muscles equally.

Posture Pullover

The Posture Pullover helps improve Posture as the chest, shoulders and upper back are exercised. The moving pad gently lifts the ribcage, helping the chest to expand and lungs to oxygenate. Improving Breathing and Posture. You will concentrate on engaging your core and pelvic floor muscles as the machine will guide your arms overhead. Your ribcage will be encouraged to expand and stretch as the moving pad gently rocks beneath the thoracic spine. The upper arms and waistline also benefit from this exercise. As we age, the muscles in between the ribs become tight; causing the diaphragm to overwork because of the lack of movement in the ribs! This machine encourages our ribs to remain supple so we will not fatigue easily.

Bums & Tums

Tones and strengthens the buttocks, hips and tummy while improving the coccyx alignment. The unique movement of this machine helps to strengthen and tone the stomach and hips whilst working to firm and lift the buttocks, simultaneously enjoying a gentle massaging action. The results after using this machine for 6 weeks will be shapelier buttocks. Finally, it will improve your gait pattern as this muscle is the main extensor of the hip. Giving you a limber lumbar!